The following photographers are represented on this blog.  I’ll try to update this page as new images are added.  If a photographer or studio is represented in more than one post, the link will open a page of search results.

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Austin, Loran D., South Haven, Michigan

Baron & Mitkewicz, Bruxelles, Belgium

Brossut, A., Digoin, France

Corse, Seth W., Montpelier and Barre, Vermont

Draper’s Studio, Bridgton, Maine

Elliott & Fry, London, England

Gray, Watertown, New York

Huested Studios, Mannsville, New York

Hunter, George C., Chebanse, Illinois

Ingersoll, Truman Ward, St. Paul, Minnesota

Lazar, Ibrahimieh, Alexandria, Egypt

O’Neil, New Bedford, Massachusetts

Popkins, Benjamin F., Greenfield, Massachusetts

Porch, Harvey W., Bridgeton, New Jersey

Scott, Walter, Bradford, England

Sharp, Keith

Sheldon, Walter Alexander, Northampton, Massachusetts

Squyer, Horatio Seymour, Auburn, New York

Stafford, O. Frank, Minneapolis, Minnesota

Whitbread, Samuel, Havant, England

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