Newlyweds in Arvika, Sweden, by Amelie Rydberg

This carte-de-visite isn’t the first wedding photograph on the blog, but it’s the first portrait of a bride and groom without attendants.  For some reason I’ve been slow to appreciate wedding portraits as a genre, so I haven’t bought many over the years.  I found this one in January while doing research for an earlier post, Female photographers in Sweden: Mimmi Gustafsson and Mathilda Janson.

According to the website of the Nordic Museum in Stockholm, Amelie Rydberg (1862-1950) established her studio in Arvika in 1892 and closed it in 1925.  That’s an impressive career, especially considering that photographic equipment and techniques changed dramatically during those decades.

The back of the portrait mentions a prize awarded in Stockholm in 1897, so we know it was made sometime after that.

Newlyweds by Amelie Rydberg 2

Newlyweds by Amelie Rydberg 3



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    1. Amelie is such a pretty name. I really should highlight women photographers more often. There were many in Sweden. In fact, I’d go so far as to hypothesize that Sweden had a higher percentage than any other country. Someday researchers will calculate that statistic if they haven’t already. Glad you enjoyed this one, Suzanne! 👰🤵

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