Harold and Winnie with their nanny in Calcutta

A note on the back of this studio portrait says either “Harold Winnie” or “Harold & Winnie.”  While Winnie could be a last name, it’s more likely the first name of the girl on the left, who must be Harold’s sister.

Harold and Winnie with nanny in Calcutta 3

The photographer signed the mat just below the image, but again I’m not sure of the spelling.  It looks like “Gordon & Blees,” but could also be “Gordon de Blees.”  I found no references online to a studio under either name.

Harold and Winnie with nanny in Calcutta 2



5 thoughts on “Harold and Winnie with their nanny in Calcutta

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  1. They are all in their Sunday best, including the nanny. I love her elaborate nose piece. She’s also appears to have numerous ear piercings or perhaps just more elaborate jewellery? It is hard to tell from the scan. A very interesting photo!

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    1. Thank you! I wish we could find out what became of little Harold and pretty Winnie. I spent some time looking through census records for Calcutta, but there were far too many Harolds and Winifreds to have any hope of finding the right ones. Isn’t their nanny lovely?

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  2. Harold looks like he needs to have a nap! 🙂

    It will be Gordon and Blees, not ‘of’ because there is already a letter ‘d’ in Gordon and it’s very different from the letter in the second word!

    There was a famous photographer in India called ‘John Blees’, maybe this photographer was a relative? I gather his wife took over from him. There’s quite a bit online about him.

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