Swedish secrets

This carte-de-visite was made by Jacob Lundbergh (1828-1904) in Stockholm.  According to his Swedish Wikipedia page, he worked as a professional photographer for eleven years (1861-1872), becoming famous for his portraits of actors, singers and other cultural figures.  His brother, Bernhard Lundbergh, was an opera singer with the Royal Theater.

Swedish secrets 3

Swedish secrets 2

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  1. Their dresses are so similar in style that it makes me wonder if it was the same patter with minor variations. The stripes in one looks darker in tone to the other. Maybe pink in one and blue in the other? Such a gorgeous pose. This photographer deserves to be remembered. So glad he has a Wikipedia entry.

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    1. Aren’t those dresses pretty? And the jewelry? I wonder if these ladies were aspiring actresses or singers who were moonlighting as models.

      Thank you for the thoughtful comments, Katherine. I sometimes wonder if this blog is worth the time it takes, and then comments like yours and Carol’s remind me it is. By the way, I watched the Australian Open tennis final on Sunday, between Federer and Cilic, and thought of you. They said it was 95°F (35°C) in the evening. Hope you don’t mind the heat!

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      1. Unfortunately I hate the heat, especially when trying to sleep! Those were an awful few days. So glad Federer won. He is so loved here.

        I haven’t received any notifications for replies to any comments I have left on blogs. I hope I haven’t missed any. Just stumbled on this by chance.

        There will always be people who love your research and images who don’t comment or even hit the “like” button. They will be in the majority. Please don’t feel disheartened!

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