Mathilde and Clary Levin in Alexandria, Egypt

This postcard is well-traveled.  I bought it online from someone in Estonia, who told me he had taken it from an album he had bought on a trip to Romania.  The message on the back of the postcard is written in German, so he assumed the photo had been sent from Germany to relatives in Romania.

The studio where the photograph was taken, Studio Art Lazar Ibrahimieh, turns out to have been located not in Germany but in Alexandria, Egypt.

Mathilde and Clary Levin 2

The message on the back translates to: “My children send a warm kiss to Uncle and Aunt Gelbendorf.”

Mathilde and Clary Levin 3

If only the children’s mother had added her name as well!  So far I haven’t succeeded in identifying Mathilde and Clary Levin in available records.

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      1. I’ve been meaning to give a link to one or two of your posts for quite a while now. I’m also going to mention you, sometime (not sure when yet) in a blog post. There are a few very special blogs I follow and yours is certainly one of them. Thanks for the re-share, too!

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      2. You’re very kind! Our blogs are complementary, in a way, because we share similar material but focus on different aspects of it. I’d love to share one of your beautiful photos on my blog. The challenge will be deciding which one….

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  1. You’re welcome if you want to reblog one of mine here. Also – if you’d agree to me colouring one of your photos and posting a before and after version on my blog, I’m happy to do a colouring free. (I’ll let you choose which photo, though. Email me if you want.)

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