Kittie in Chebanse, Illinois (1882)

This CDV was made by George C. Hunter of Chebanse, a small town just south of Chicago.  A note on the back says, "Lovingly, Kittie. Nov 9th, 1882." According to U.S. Census data found on the Wikipedia page of Chebanse, in 1880 the village had a population of 723.  In 1890 the population had dropped... Continue Reading →

Scottish spirit in Minneapolis

This bonnie lass was photographed by O. Frank Stafford in Minneapolis.  According to the Minnesota Historical Society's "Directory of Minnesota Photographers," his studio was at the address on this cabinet card from 1896 to 1901.  

Scottish spirit in the North Country (New York)

This photograph was taken in Watertown, New York, a few miles from Lake Ontario and only 31 miles from the Canadian border.  The name of the studio at the bottom of the cabinet card looks like "Gray," but I have yet to find a record of a photographer there by that name.

A racquet in the garden

This is the second photo on this blog showing a family in the UK in their garden with racquets.  Well, only one racquet, but they seem to be having plenty of fun, anyway.  This is a cabinet card, while the photo I uploaded a month ago was a smaller carte-de-visite (Tennis and tea in Hampshire,... Continue Reading →

Judge Stephen Reaves of Tyler, Texas

This cabinet card portrait came from the same antique photo dealer in Arkansas that the ladies in boater hats did in the previous post.  An inscription on the back says simply, "Judge Stephen Reaves."   According to his obituary and other articles published at the time of his death, Stephen Reaves (1816-1905) practiced law in... Continue Reading →

Pause in the workday (2 of 2)

In this photo the coworkers from the previous post have been joined by four more men.  The man at far right may be an owner or manager.  The four women who stood arm-in-arm in the previous photo are now seated together in front. Here you can see the photo in high resolution:    

Pause in the workday (1 of 2)

This cabinet card contains a group of coworkers at an unidentified location.  A man at lower right is conspicuously holding what appears to be a screwdriver. The man at far left is wearing an apron with something dark on it, perhaps oil or ink.  The man next to him is holding a pencil.  Between them... Continue Reading →

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