Connie Richards with her camera in Massachusetts

The back of this postcard has a note: “Connie Richards, friend of Aurore (Chaillé) Marotte.”  Aurore is easy to find in Census records, but Connie eluded me.  In 1920 Aurore B. Marotte (age 25) was living with her husband, Adelard, and her siblings in the home of her father, Azaire Chaillé, in New Bedford, Massachusetts.  Her parents were both born in Canada.  By 1930 Aurore and Adelard were living in Taunton, about 20 miles from New Bedford, with two children, Marcel (age 9) and Beatrice (age 7).  The four of them were still living there together in 1940.

Connie Richards was probably living in or near New Bedford when she gave the postcard to her friend Aurore.  It was quite unusual to hold a camera in a formal studio portrait, the way a musician might hold an instrument.  It meant she was serious about photography.  And what an interesting hat!  The decoration makes me think of antennae.  Her portrait tells us that Connie Richards had an independent and creative spirit.

Connie Richards 2


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  1. She’s wearing an engagement or wedding ring. If the latter, then Richards will be her married name. And a look for ‘Constance’ might elicit more than looking for ‘Connie’ (unless you already have! 🙂 )

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