Elegant and stylish in Hull, East Yorkshire

This couple has flair!  Her dress is decorated with intricate beadwork, ribbons and flowers.  Could it be a wedding dress?  What do you think?

Couple in Hull by Wellsted & Son 3


The cabinet card was made by the studio of William James Wellsted & Son.  The back is dark green (blank).

Couple in Hull by Wellsted & Son 2



11 thoughts on “Elegant and stylish in Hull, East Yorkshire

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  1. The dress looks original and unique! I suspect there’s a corset. Maybe there have been cases of wedding dresses without headdress, not actually sure)
    Thank you for submitting this beautiful photo.

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  2. I’m not sure if it’s a wedding photo – most British wedding photos (particularly vintage or antique ones) are far more composed and serene. But it does look like both the woman and the man have suddenly rushed into their poses and not had time to tidy up! Makes me smile.

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  3. I’m not sure if it is a wedding portrait either but I think our contemporary idea of what a bride looked like in the Victorian era is mostly wrong, so I could be wrong, too. The main reason I don’t think “wedding” when I see this is the lack of flowers. Given that many wedding photos were not taken on the actual day of the event, means that is a pretty thin reason for rejecting it as a wedding image! Also the idea of white weddings being popular across the board is false, as many brides had only their Sunday best dresses to wear, as a new dress for one occasion was unaffordable for many or considered just plain wasteful even if affordable. I guess the other reason I don’t lean towards this being a wedding photo is the spur of the moment look in their hair. Other than that it could easily be a wedding pic.

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