Pause in the workday (2 of 2)

In this photo the coworkers from the previous post have been joined by four more men.  The man at far right may be an owner or manager.  The four women who stood arm-in-arm in the previous photo are now seated together in front. Here you can see the photo in high resolution:    

Pause in the workday (1 of 2)

This cabinet card contains a group of coworkers at an unidentified location.  A man at lower right is conspicuously holding what appears to be a screwdriver. The man at far left is wearing an apron with something dark on it, perhaps oil or ink.  The man next to him is holding a pencil.  Between them... Continue Reading →

Three friends in Greenfield, Massachusetts

This cabinet card was made by Benjamin F. Popkins (1822-1905), the first photographer to set up a professional studio in Greenfield.  The sitters aren't identified.  The photo was accompanied by two additional cabinet cards by Popkins, showing one of the women from different angles.  All three portraits may have belonged to her, or the three... Continue Reading →

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