A racquet in the garden

This is the second photo on this blog showing a family in the UK in their garden with racquets.  Well, only one racquet, but they seem to be having plenty of fun, anyway.  This is a cabinet card, while the photo I uploaded a month ago was a smaller carte-de-visite (Tennis and tea in Hampshire,... Continue Reading →

Tennis and tea in Hampshire, England

Since the U.S. Open tennis championship is ending this weekend, here's a CDV from the relatively early days of the sport.  The family isn't identified, but the photo was taken by Samuel Whitbread of Havant, Hampshire.  CDVs were common from the 1860s through the 1880s, and I haven't found dates for Whitbread's studio, so it's... Continue Reading →

Bolton East Junction, 1903

This snapshot was taken in the town of Bolton in the north of England.  The back has the following note: "Remodelling Bolton East Junction, Sun. Mar. 22/03 11:15 am."  The month is hard to read, but March 22, 1903, was a Sunday, as were Feb. 22 and Nov. 22. Only one man is looking in... Continue Reading →

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