My name is Brad Purinton and I live in southern Vermont.  I started collecting old portrait photographs around 2010, finding them by chance in local second-hand shops.  Soon I started seeking them out, asking shop owners if they had any photographs in dusty albums tucked away in a drawer.  Usually they did–sometimes hundreds–and I’d spend an hour looking through them, leaving with two or three that I thought were special for one reason or another.  Later I started buying them on eBay, where the selection is vast and ever-changing.

In 2017 I thought it might be fun to share some of my collection on a blog, and this website is the result.  The blog focuses on portrait photographs made between 1840 and 1940.  All the photos on the site were scanned from original prints in my collection unless otherwise noted.  I hope to share images of historical, genealogical or aesthetic interest to visitors.  Comments are welcome!

All material on this website is Copyright ©2017-2021 Brad Purinton, All Rights Reserved.  If you would like to republish an image for genealogical, educational or other purposes, please contact me.

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