School near Bostonia, North Dakota

Bostonia doesn’t seem to exist anymore, if it ever really did.  A stamp on the mat says “Halliday’s Studio, Bostonia, ND.”  There was a post office on a farm there from 1908 to 1913, and Halliday’s studio was probably also in a home, although the closest Halliday families I found in Census records were several counties to the east.  The school in the photo was probably in a larger community than Bostonia.

School by Halliday of Bostonia 4

The schoolhouse looks brand new and well-constructed.  Curtains are hanging in the windows.  An outhouse is visible just behind the main building.  Winters on the plains are windy and bitterly cold, so the outhouse had to be close by.

Most of the children seem pleased to be at school and to have their picture taken.  It was probably a rare event, and the day must have felt like a special occasion.

School by Halliday of Bostonia 2

There’s a fascinating website with recent pictures of abandoned North Dakota buildings, called Ghosts of North Dakota, which may have a photo of the schoolhouse on one of its pages.  I saw several school buildings that looked very similar to this one but not exactly like it.

School by Halliday of Bostonia 3b

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  1. Lovely photo. I’d never have known this was a school if you’d not said so, I would have thought it was just the children of a family outside their house… but then there are the steps up to the door…

    Would this have been taken in the spring or summer? They don’t look dressed for the harshness of a N.Dakota winter (and the light is very bright.)


      1. Does the school year in America, start in the autumn (Fall) like here, or a different season? I hadn’t spotted the flagpole.

        Thanks for the link and glad you like the pic!


    1. When I was growing up in the ’80s, school started after Labor Day, which is celebrated on the first Monday in September. Many schools start in August now. I have no idea what they did in North Dakota circa 1910. The school year was probably much shorter, though, since the kids were from farm families.

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      1. Sounds like school holidays have become shorter.
        Would these children have been the only kids in the school at that time, do you think? I’ve heard of small schools – but this seems very small indeed!


  2. I love your opening line…it conjures stories in my imagination. We take photographs for granted in this day and time. But you’re right. That day in that place having a photograph taken must have felt incredibly magical! Thank you for the reminder.

    I know a structure like this one. I think it too was once a school and a church and anything its community needed it to be. I had the pleasure of visiting it this last year. It was comforting to be inside. It had a lovely full feeling even though it was quite empty.

    This was a charming post, thank you 🌷

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    1. I’m so glad you found this post, because it’s one of my favorites! I can picture you in a schoolhouse like this, teaching a group of children of different ages, giving each child the attention he or she needed. They would have loved coming to your school. 🙂

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