Two childhood memories

I was told that the two postcards above and below came from Gratz, Pennsylvania.  The little girl above also appears in the large group below (scroll down for close-ups). She's seated next to a woman who looks like her mother.  She's smiling in both pictures, and it's nice to imagine that her childhood might have... Continue Reading →

“Kangarooing” at Camp Chickamauga

When war broke out with Spain in 1898, the United States had a very small professional military.  As a result, many of the units which eventually sailed to Cuba, Puerto Rico and the Philippines were made up of volunteers.  They first assembled at camps in different parts of the country for training and other preparations. ... Continue Reading →

A happy family and their truck

This is a snapshot of a family sitting on their early Autocar truck (probably a Type XXI).  The truck has a Pennsylvania license plate with the year 1923.  Newer Autocar models came with inflatable tires, but this one still has the hard rubber kind.  Everyone seems content, though--even the dog.

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