Mannsville, New York (#2 of 3)

This postcard was made by Huested Studios of Mannsville, New York, in July 1914.

Mannsville, New York 2 back

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  1. I wonder who they are…and why they’re there all together. The lady on the far left, how daring she is sitting just a touch apart, out over the water. It’s quite wonderful Brad. Makes me think of a quiet walk along the shore and the way the wind blows there no matter how still the rest of the land is. Thank you 😌

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    1. I, too, wondered what brought this group together. Two girls are in bathing costumes, while the others are dressed normally. Thank you for taking a stroll in the archives, Suzanne. Or should I say a dip? It’s never windy here, and the water’s always warm, I promise! 😉

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      1. It’s really my joy Brad. Old bathing costumes are so fascinating and there’s quite a variety of clothing in this group! I was enjoying some of your other photos yesterday as well. This morning has a quiet to it. What lovely thoughts you share, thank you! 🌷

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