Scottish spirit in Minneapolis

This bonnie lass was photographed by O. Frank Stafford in Minneapolis.  According to the Minnesota Historical Society's "Directory of Minnesota Photographers," his studio was at the address on this cabinet card from 1896 to 1901.  

Scottish spirit in the North Country (New York)

This photograph was taken in Watertown, New York, a few miles from Lake Ontario and only 31 miles from the Canadian border.  The name of the studio at the bottom of the cabinet card looks like "Gray," but I have yet to find a record of a photographer there by that name.

“In the Orkneys” (WWI)

These postcards were acquired by a British or American sailor during the First World War.  They were probably made available to the men as keepsakes of their service.  In the image above, a line of sailors is visible in the distance, probably on a brief leave to sightsee. The snowy hills on the island below... Continue Reading →

Heather Jock

This postcard was made from an earlier portrait of William Brodie, an itinerant Scottish performer who called himself Heather Jock.  Born in Paisley in 1802, he entertained village crowds into his seventies.  His songs and dances were especially popular with children.  In The Saturday Review (London) of Jan. 30, 1897, R. B. Cunningham Grahame wrote: So... Continue Reading →

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