International group at Leeds University (1934)

This postcard appears to show a group of international students at the University of Leeds in West Yorkshire, England.  Perhaps they were members of a club or student association?  I was hoping to identify some of them, but so far no luck.

Group at Leeds University (1934) 2b


A few are old enough to be graduate students, or possibly faculty members.

Group at Leeds University (1934) 3

Group at Leeds University (1934) 4


If anyone in the group looks familiar to you, please leave a comment!

Group at Leeds University (1934) 5


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  1. A really nice group photo. A camaraderie has built up here, perhaps over a short time. The relaxed atmosphere is also a tribute to the photographer, who knows how to handle a group.

    It is possible that they attended a conference or summer school. Some are sporting oval tags, which could allow the wearer access to certain buildings. Either that, or those people were facilitators or group leaders ?

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    1. Very insightful points, Michael. I wondered what those round pins or tags might signify. If this was a summer program, that might help explain the relaxed atmosphere. Another thing I’ve been wondering is whether the group consists entirely of foreign students or is a combination of foreign and British. A conference or summer school might include both, depending on the subject matter, whereas a club for foreign students probably wouldn’t.

      I should write to someone in Leeds about this, but I haven’t decided where to start. Maybe the university archive?

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  2. It’s an extraordinary picture and represents the diversity of the background of the students/staff members. It seems Leeds University encouraged/embraced diversity as early as in 1934.
    As part of my B.A in International Marketing, I studied one year at Leeds Metropolitan University (now Leeds Becket University) in 1999 before moving to London. Catch up soon Brad!

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      1. I went on studying six months in London after spending one year in Leeds. I got a job about two weeks after returning to Oslo in January 2001. It’s my first degree and then I went to university again in 2011 and later graduated with a M.A in English 😊

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  3. Age-wise, most of them look more like professors than students but then I wondered if maybe they were all part of a foreign student exchange programme. To me a lot of the men look Indian or maybe Ceylonese (Sri Lankan). It might be worth contacting Leeds University and finding out if they can throw any light on the photo (I expect they’d be glad to see it, anyway!).

    Britain has always been open to people of different nationalities and ethnicities.

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    1. After hemming and hawing, I sent a link to this post to Leeds University Library and asked if they had a yearbook for 1934. Someone responded quickly and said I needed to contact Special Collections. I don’t think anyone at the library looked at the post. More hemming and hawing….


      1. A lot of these departments are closed at the moment, due to the Pandemic. Try again at a later date, I’m sure someone will eventually respond. Or maybe see if they have something online.

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