This photograph came from a dealer in Llangefni, Wales, who didn’t know where it had originated.  It appears to be a gelatin silver print, mounted on heavy cardboard, and I’d guess it was made around 1900.

Although the photo isn’t particularly old, the image has a timeless quality.  Nothing about it looks modern or industrial.

The wagon reminds me of pictures I’ve seen of vraic carts, used to collect seaweed (vraic) to be used as fertilizer.  The large wheels were probably good on sand or soft ground.  This one appears to contain manure mixed with hay.

Partners 3

I hope these two friends had a long and happy partnership.

Partners 2




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  1. Nice comradery of man and horse. It looks like the cart is surrounded by huge piles of hay, maybe, as if where the man is standing is a narrow lane in between several such tall mounds. And what is that white thing below the horse’s mouth? A chicken? Or some dropped food perhaps? You could write a story about this one. The man looks like a character from a nineteen teens to thirties movie about gangsters. I guess its the hat.

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    1. A chicken, indeed! Only the body and one foot are visible. The head and the other foot must have been moving when the shutter clicked. The haystacks are impressive, aren’t they? The barn is also quite large. There must have been other animals on this farm.

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  2. Very evocative to me. Of course, the idea that it could be a Welsh photo also has a strong appeal for me. Does it seem to you that the tones are especially rich in this image, or is that just me?

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  3. I love the gesture of the man towards his partner. It is affectionate but also proprietorial. There is a stone wall behind the cart and what may be the rmaines of a wooden gate. That made me wonder what this photo would have looked like in another season when the hay wasn’t stacked so high. Great find Brad.

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  4. Nice photo – I like horses! The horse looks quite relaxed and content. I looked up Llangefni, I didn’t recall the name, but I see that it is on Anglesey which I visited on a family holiday in 1987!

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    1. I’d love to see Wales. In 1987 my parents took me to Portugal. That was my second time in Europe. The first time was about six years earlier, when we went to Freiburg and hiked in the Black Forest. I don’t remember much of that trip, but it was fun!

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  5. I just love old images like this… I can almost smell that farm yard! The horse must have been very well behaved, unlike the chicken. I love that chicken! Sometimes you need a little movement to truly bring a photograph to life 🙂

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  6. Well, he’s a happy chap, isn’t he? Just fed the chicken, just fed the horse, and probably just about to feed himself – let’s hope it wasn’t chicken pie! 😉

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