Tennis Anyone?

I’ve been playing tennis since I was twelve, so I always enjoy seeing rackets in portraits, even when they’re just props. This photobooth portrait is wonderful. I love the combination of a child’s racket with palm trees and pyramids.

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I adore the fact that this young lady thought to take her tennis racket into a photobooth! I’ve never seen another booth photo that memorialises a sport in this way. The background is interesting for its Egyptian theme of palm trees and pyramids. This is also something I haven’t seen before.

In faded handwriting on the back are these words. . .


My Spanish is good enough to make out some of the script on the back of this pic, but I am hoping someone out there might confirm that I have it right, or tell me where I have gone wrong!

A mi querida mama con todos el cariño, Julita – To my dear mother with all my love, Julita

The information on the bottom is too faded for me to make sense of. I am assuming it is a place-name and a date, 1945 being part of it?


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  1. It’s crazy and adorable. I love the Egyptian backdrop, and I’m more than impressed that you can make out the inscription on the back. The handwriting and the fading make it so hard!

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      1. I bookmarked your post back in January, just because I liked it so much. I came across the bookmark the other day and realized that your photo has a palm tree in it sort of like the photo from Kansas in my previous post. That’s pretty neat, considering the photos were taken some 60 years apart. About the racket, it’s too small for her, but might have been one she used when she was little. It’s adorable, regardless. 🙂


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