Road trip #2 (UK)

This small snapshot came from England, but with no information about who’s in it or where it was taken.

Road trip #2 (UK) 2

Notice the can of Shell gas on the running board below.  These gals were prepared.

Road trip #2 (UK) 3


The camper (called a caravan in the UK) is a Car Cruiser model from the 1920s.  You can see a small photo of an identical one on the website of the Historic Caravan Club here.



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  1. Yes, I was going to guess the Twenties from the clothes, hat, and hairstyles! The Brits have loved their caravans for a long time, haven’t they? I’m SO ready for a road trip–especially after seeing these images!

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  2. I think that’s about 1930-32 ish, they’re wearing clothes very similar to my mother’s in some old photos I have of her when she was in her teens.

    I don’t think it’s southern England, the (probably dry-stone) walling style on the side of the road and hilly areas beyond don’t look very familiar, so maybe northern England. (Or elsewhere, who knows?) I’m wondering, also, what the tall structure is on the side of the road…

    By the way, a tip: if you want to attract Brits to your blog, use ‘car’ or ‘cars’ as a tag, because very few Brits will search on the word ‘automobile’.

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    1. Interesting about the dry-stone walls, and I’d love to know what that poled structure is that they’re posing in front of! My initial guess on the date was late 1920s, but I thought the caravan was probably later, until I found the photo of one like it that said 1920s. Let’s call it 1928-1932.

      I didn’t know that Brits don’t generally use the word automobile. Thanks for your observations, Val!

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      1. Yes, I noticed the link looked broken but don’t know how to mend it… maybe if I go into the phone app? I’ll try later. I’m enjoying your blog but will have to continue another time. I’ll look forward to seeing more of your wonderful images!

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