Albin Lindall and friends on a wintry day in Minnesota

UPDATE: Albin Lindall is most likely the man standing at right.  I found a passport photo of him on that was taken some years later, when he was 29.  Albin Lothard Lindall was born in Parkers Prairie in 1890, and the passport was issued in 1919, when he was a doctor and a lieutenant in the Navy.  He eventually retired with the rank of captain and died in 1963.  His wife, Lovie, was English.

Albin Lindahl 3b

(Source: National Archives and Records Administration (NARA); Washington D.C.; NARA Series: Emergency Passport Applications, Argentina thru Venezuela, 1906-1925; Volume #: Volume 163: Great Britain)

The back of the postcard says, “Albin Lindahl, Parker’s Prarie, Minn.”  That amount of information would generally be enough to identify a person in Census records, especially if the name is unusual or the town has a small population.  I expected to find one or maybe two Albin Lindahls in the correct time and place, but instead found several in Minnesota and one or two in Wisconsin, with none having a clear connection to the small town of Parkers Prairie (no apostrophe).  Of course, that was because I was using the wrong spelling!  The person who wrote the note used the more common spelling of the Swedish name.

Albin Lindahl 2

Once the correct spelling of Lindall was found (see comments section below), I noticed in Census records that Albin had six siblings–five brothers and a sister.  It’s possible that his sister and one or two brothers may be in the photo with him.

The seated man is holding a clear glass bottle, but the label isn’t readable even at high resolution.  I suspect the group was simply using the bottle as a fun prop.  Except for Albin, everyone is smiling.  This portrait of a group of friends radiates warmth on a cold Midwestern winter’s day.

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  1. By the way, I’d say they were family, not friends, as there is a likeness between the seated man and the one standing on the right, and between at least two of the women (the one standing on the left and the one seated).


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