Craftsmen outside a workshop (1875)

These men appear to have come out of the building behind them to pose for an impromptu group photograph.  Intriguingly, two of them are holding tools of their trade, whatever that was.  One of those men is also holding a round object with the year 1875 written on it, along with the number 60, the letter H and possibly the letter G.  What were they trying to tell us?

Craftsmen with tools 2

The cabinet card came from Pennsylvania but could have originated elsewhere.  The back is blank.

Craftsmen with tools 3b

3 thoughts on “Craftsmen outside a workshop (1875)

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  1. I’d guess that the man on the left with the odd looking tool is a carpenter and that it’s a makeshift form of Trysquare, for measuring angles correctly. I don’t know what the circular thing is – maybe just a bit of something they picked up and chalked onto to say who they were? It might be the foreman’s initials and the date. Interesting photo.

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