Nanny and little girl

I bought this carte-de-visite from a dealer in Kettering, England.  My guess would be that it belonged originally to a family associated with a British diplomatic mission in the Middle East or North Africa.  India is also a possibility.

Nanny and child 2

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  1. It’s a bit late here for me to research it now, but I think it should be possible to find the origin of that brooch and I’ve seen something similar from Balochistan…. so maybe near there or, as you suspect, India?

    By the way, would it be okay with you if I occasionally share a post of yours on my (public) Facebook page? Its for my photocolouring and other vintage interests. I can give you the URL. If you’d prefer that I didn’t, that’s okay, but I do enjoy your posts and thinks others would, too.

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    1. Thank you, Val, for offering to share some of my photos! You’re more than welcome to. I remember seeing a link to your FB page on your blog, so I’ll have a look today. I’ve only shared a couple of photos publicly on FB so far, but have intended to share more.

      Your comment about the brooch makes me optimistic about identifying the region where this photo was taken. Great idea!

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