Lessons in the grass

This postcard came from the estate of Hazel Alberts Peterson (1898-1989).  As a girl, Hazel Alberts attended Seattle Seminary, a Free Methodist college preparatory school.  College-level classes were introduced in 1910, and in 1915 the school’s name was changed to Seattle Pacific College.  For more information about Hazel and her family, please see the page titled Seattle Pacific College.

The postcard was given to Hazel by Ethel Langworthy Hulet (1889-1985).  Ethel Langworthy graduated from Seattle Seminary in 1910.  In 1919 she married Robert James Hulet (1900-1963).  In the photo, Robert is the boy at far right.  Robert’s sister, Bertha Angeline Hulet (1904-1931), is second from left.  The young boy at far left is identified as Barry Martin.  The woman sitting with them is labeled simply “Teacher.”

img527 600 crop 3 Bertha and Robert Hulet

img531 600 Bertha and Robert Hulet

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