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This family came up with a variety of ways to pass their time on vacation, from fishing and shooting to playing guitar, dominoes and at least four different board games.  Someone had the great idea to make a visual record of their activities.  Two women in the group find the idea a little embarrassing.  Some members of the family keep a straight face while others smile or look away.  The next image may have been taken just before the one above:

img163 400 share 75%

This one may have been taken while setting up the shoot:

img168 400 share 75%

The following two photos were together in the same album with the ones above.  Many thanks to Kraig Anderson of Lighthousefriends.com for identifying Chicago Lighthouse:

img147 400 share 50% crop

You can see more pictures of the lighthouse and read Kraig’s excellent short history of it on his Chicago Harbor Lighthouse page.  The lighthouse was moved to its current location in 1918 after a new breakwater was constructed.

Someone with knowledge of Chicago architectural history could date the last image.  The city looks so small as to be almost unrecognizable.

img147 400 share 70% crop

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