Albumen print with school group

This albumen print on cardboard came from the area around Ithaca, New York, but could have originated elsewhere.  The children appear to be a few years apart in age, with the oldest standing at the back.  Two young women appear slightly older and might be teachers.  They sit in the middle row with a little girl between them who might be the youngest of the group.  I find it charming that the smallest child has been placed at the center of the portrait.



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  1. I like this photo a lot. I too immediately assumed that the two oldest females (don’t want to say “women” somehow, and certainly not “girls”) were teachers. I am fascinated by the pretty blonde girl in the front row with boyishly short hair. It’s very well cut, and it could be the result of a previous fever or other illness, when girls’ hair was often cut short

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    1. Very interesting observation! Actually, everyone’s hair is fairly short, so that must have been the style of the time, but hers is noticeably shorter and cut in a different way.

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