Studio portrait of a young cook

To continue the cooking theme of the previous post, this postcard from Germany is an unusual portrait of a young cook in her kitchen uniform.  Taken in a studio against a rustic painted backdrop, her spotless white clothes glow under careful studio lighting.

Like CDVs in the nineteenth century, individual postcard portraits were often exchanged as tokens of friendship.  That appears to have been the case with this one.  A visitor to the blog very kindly translated the message on the back of the card in the comments under the post (see “Little Sparrow” below).

“Wishing you and your loved ones a happy and healthy Easter.  Yours Bertl.”

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  1. If WordPress works the way I think it does, you should receive this…
    Lovely photo! I like the ‘dome’ of the oven behind her, with what looks like glazed tiles.
    The writing is that sort of old German handwriting called Kurrent, which nobody uses anymore. The card is simply an Easter greeting, addressed to a lady called Hilde Engelhardt. Not sure where the place called ‘Asch’ is, there are several possibilities, including one now in the Czech Republic. A quick search on the street (‘Spitalgasse’) brings up only connections with the Czech place. This would have been in the former Sudetenland, the region notoriously annexed by the Nazis in 1938. But I only did a cursory search, and that doesn’t prove anything.
    Anyway, the message simply is ‘Wishing you and your loved ones a happy and healthy Easter, yours Bertl’. I’m not 100% sure of the name, but I read it as Bertl, which could be short for Alberta or Albertine or Roberta.

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