Magda and Prinz, 1925

The back of this postcard has a greeting which begins in German, “In friendly remembrance,” and is signed “Magda e Prinz. 25. Januar 1925.”

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  1. OH!!! This is my favorite one so far! I love that beautiful little girl and her dog and the huge bow sitting on the side of her head, just like the original, Belle Epoch illustrations of Dorothy in the Oz books. Do you think that elegant handwriting on the reverse is Magda’s own? I wish mine were half so nice.

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    1. I wonder if she wrote “Magda e Prinz,” but someone else wrote the greeting and date? The names are written so carefully and the other words more hastily. The only language I could find that uses the letter “e” to mean “and” is Italian. The month could be Janvier or Février in French. Maybe Magda was from Switzerland?


  2. I think the writing is from only one person. The “e” is probably no letter at all, but rather a short form of “&”. The month is “Januar” in German. There is a small stroke above the word “Januar”, this signifies the “u” – so it cannot be mistaken for an “n”

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