Steady now!

Each cyclist in this group is holding the handlebars of the person on either side.  I wonder if they stayed upright in the end?  The photo is glued to a stiff piece of paper with no information about the date, place or photographer.  The only clues are initials below each rider, which suggest that several of them might be siblings.  The house looks like an English country home but could be almost anywhere.  I hope a visitor to the blog will help identify it.

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  1. I love the image, but I have no clue about where it might be. It reminds me of the funny passages in the Mapp and Lucia novels (E. F. Benson) about Lucia and Georgie learning to ride their bicycles.

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  2. It doesn’t look like an English house (though could be, but I’ve not seen one like it). There’s a photo of a young woman on a bicycle, ca 1890 in this article, from New Zealand that is similar – her clothes and her bicycle, and a house in the background that has similar striped window blinds, albeit indoor rather than out. Maybe it’s N. Zealand, or Australia?

    It might be a bit later than 189s, as the waists in your photo aren’t as tight. Maybe also try to date it from the men’s caps?

    If it’s glued to stiff paper then it was probably taken out of a photo album.

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      1. You’re welcome. I collect vintage and antique photos and postcards, too, and am always researching their history. I’m hoping in the near future to do a special page for my own blog, of research sites and links. I just hope that the ones I’ve found are easily accessible on my computer!

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