“Sunday on the Farm” (American Gothic)

This family is mostly serious but not entirely humorless.  There’s no Gothic window, but I think Grant Wood might have enjoyed this image nevertheless.

Titles were sometimes added permanently to photographs by writing directly on a negative.  Because the negative is a reverse of the printed image, the writing had to be done in reverse as well.  Occasionally letters would not be reversed correctly, such as the second N in the title here.

Unfortunately the back doesn’t provide any information about the family or the location of their farm.

Sunday on the Farm 2

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  1. I really like this family, and particularly their handsome dog, who gets a chair AND a lap. I’m no expert on hairstyles, but it seems to me that most of the younger women look as if they are from the city, with their more elaborate, piled up hair. I imagine farm women wouldn’t have time for fancy coiffeurs, even on their day of rest.

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    1. Excellent observation, Carol! The title itself seems to suggest that they aren’t “on the farm” all the time, that some of them are just visiting. And it’s clear that the dog is an equal member of the family!


    1. An AZO stamp box with four triangles pointed up would indicate a date range of 1904-1918. My guess would be close to the beginning of that range. What do you think, based on the styles? Were they very different in rural England at that time?

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      1. I’m not sure how much different they’d have been in rural England. Most of the photos I have are from people from urban environments and they tend to be more formal in pose. Also rural photos would mostly have been from a formal photo-shoot (such as after a wedding) or taken by a wealthy family as poor people wouldn’t have been able to afford it. There certainly are ones of workers from that period, though.

        The slatted wood or board on the exterior of the building isn’t a British feature.

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      1. I look forward to that. I’m just looking at your two photos ‘pause in the day’. Fascinating! I’ll comment on at least one of them directly in a while.


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