Mountain farm (Carpathian?)

My guess would be that the photo on this postcard was taken in Eastern Europe, possibly in the Carpathian mountains.  The Carpathians stretch from Czechia down through parts of Slovakia, Poland, Hungary, Ukraine and Romania, with Romania containing just over half the range (51%).

Carpathian farm 2

At first glance the buildings seem to be in some disrepair, but the roof of the house is in excellent condition, with the tiles carefully laid down in a fish-scale pattern, which makes them less likely to be pried off by wind:

Carpathian farm 3

The barn has a pile of lumber next to it, or possibly cascading down off of it, which is a little harder to explain:

Carpathian farm 4

Looking at the back, the postcard was probably printed in the United States, and may have been a reprint (c. 1915) of a photo taken 10-20 years before, in the Old Country.

Carpathian farm 5



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