Four generations in Osterode am Harz, Germany

This multi-generational portrait was made at Atelier Fritz Tschira in the scenic town of Osterode am Harz.  Osterode is at the edge of the Harz mountains, which are the highest in northern Germany.

The postcard isn’t dated, but my guess would be late 1920s.  If anyone has a different guess, based on clothing or hairstyles or other clues, please comment below.

Four generations in Osterode 2



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  1. My guess would have been the next decade, 1930s, but not based on anything in particular, just the general ‘vibe’ I’m getting from it, so I could be wrong.
    My mother had a similar hairband to the little girl. It was crocheted from wool, the band was red with coloured ‘knobs’ representing flowers. (Although the one in the picture doesn’t look woolen.)
    We went on a family holiday to the Harz Mountains some years ago, but I can’t remember whether we visited Osterode or not. But it’s nice for me to see a picture from (relatively) close to home.

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    1. I’m glad you enjoyed it! You could be right about the date. I have a hard time dating photos from the Weimar period. The mother’s glasses look like a style that was common in the Twenties and probably into the Thirties as well. If you click the “Germany” tag, you’ll see a few more photo postcards that I shared last year. I used to buy them from a dealer in Berlin (including this one), but I stopped because it was too difficult for me to research them online. I studied German for a year and a half in college, but that’s just a drop in the bucket where language is concerned.


  2. When I first opened this, I smiled as it’s a comforting image.
    Then I double checked myself on the date as I wondered if it had been a Mother’s Day post.
    Mother upon mother and child upon child.
    I hope they had another made that remains in the family as it’s a very beautiful portrait of these generations.
    And, I marvel at the way they used to let children wear real jewelry, that tiny ring on the finger of the baby. I wonder where it is now.
    Beautiful share, Brad! ☺️

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