Camp Savitz

This professional photograph was taken at Camp Savitz, a retreat owned by Glassboro Normal School in Glassboro, New Jersey.  A stamp on the back says “Harvey W. Porch, Photographer, Bridgeton, New Jersey.”  A young woman at the front is holding a copy of The Oak, the school yearbook.  The cover of The Oak changed every year.  I’m pretty sure she’s holding the 1928 yearbook, which means this photograph was likely taken in the spring of 1928.

Glassboro Normal School was a two-year teacher’s college with about 300 students, mostly young women.  It evolved into what is now Rowan University.  Camp Savitz was sold in 1953.  A short history and reminiscences of the camp can be found at


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  1. This photo makes me happy. I wonder how many children were touched by these teachers over many many years. These young women would care for and help to form young minds over some very tumultuous times ahead…and I hope no one is behind that oak 🙃

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    1. These young women look so relaxed and happy, don’t they? Many were about to graduate and begin their important work. Some would spend the rest of their adult lives in classrooms, teaching and shepherding children, year after year…. But at this moment, they’re just young people enjoying an outing in the woods on a beautiful day.

      The article I linked to in the post was quite good, so I’m sorry the university took it down. I did save a copy, so I may ask their permission to republish it.

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      1. They really do. Such a wonderful way to spend your days. Teaching has enormous frustration and so much of what you do is never seen by you but worthy nonetheless. I wish we valued our teachers more.

        I’m glad you saved one. It’s a touch of history. I do hope they’ll allow you to republish.

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